Welcome to Bristol! Where the sun doesn't always shine, where there's always a fight going on somewhere, and where the drugs, are always cheap. Everyone's made their way back to Bristol, to the place where it all began. But how? Why? That's up to you to decide! What what the reunion of all these old friends, old flames, old enemies, and the first encounters of potential best mates, rivals, or lovers, bring? Will it be the party of the century? Or World War Bristol? Come join SkinsandSpliffs today, and find out!

Maxxie Oliver || 23 || Homosexual || OPEN

"I’m really really sorry for being a slut,okay?” 

Maxxie is a dedicated dancer, he loves moving to music, and letting himself be free from the world outside. He came out of the closet during college, and never tried to hide his sexuality. He is gay, and that’s a part of him, not a label. Maxxie is a sweet guy, and was the one who spent the most time, apart from Effy, of course, helping Tony out after his accident, and he was always there to cheer up his mates when they were down. Maxxie’s best friend, Anwar Kharral, is a Muslim boy, and went through a stage, when the blonde’s sexuality bothered him, but as best friends always do, they worked through it, and at the end of their college years, Anwar joined Maxxie and his boyfriend, James, when they departed for London. But where is he now? Did him and James break up? Are they still together? Did Anwar stick around? Or did Maxxie go off on his own? Does he still dance? Or did he leave his college hobbies behind?

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