Welcome to Bristol! Where the sun doesn't always shine, where there's always a fight going on somewhere, and where the drugs, are always cheap. Everyone's made their way back to Bristol, to the place where it all began. But how? Why? That's up to you to decide! What what the reunion of all these old friends, old flames, old enemies, and the first encounters of potential best mates, rivals, or lovers, bring? Will it be the party of the century? Or World War Bristol? Come join SkinsandSpliffs today, and find out!

Sidney ‘Sid’ Jenkins || 23 || Heterosexual || OPEN

"It’s not a night light, It’s a glow-in-the-dark batman - It’s retro!"

Being the best friend of Tony Stonem, meant that you were always going to be unnoticed, overshadowed and second best, which was exactly what Sid Jenkins was, and still is, even though he’s grown a little pair of balls since his college days. Tony was everything Sid wanted to be and had everything Sid wanted, including the desirable Michelle Richardson, who Sid happened to have been in love with since he was a kid. Unfortunately, his obsession with his best mate’s girl, caused him to completely disregard the affections of Cassie Ainsworth, passing them off as an odd girl trying to make friends. However, he eventually noticed the blonde girl, and fell in love with her. Sid’s dad passed away during his second year at Roundview, and despite his father’s disappointment in him, the death still tore Sid apart. The last time we saw Sid, he had just touched down in New York, to search for Cassie after she ran away from Bristol, following Chris’ sudden death. But where is he now? Has he given up on searching for his lost love? Did he find Cassie?  

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